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Is this guy the King of Tipsters?

2nd October 2014

Good afternoon, friends,

In this issue of Punters’ Verdict….

  • The King of Tipsters?
  • On the Grapevine….

The King of Tipsters?

I’ve got an announcement to make this afternoon – so please drop whatever it is you’re doing, listen up and pay attention….

I am giving some very serious thought to asking Simon King for his hand in marriage.

I’ve never met the man. I know nothing about him. I may not even be his type. But I know deep in my heart that we could be very happy together. If he will just consent to join with me – until death do us part no less – in a civil partnership then I promise to do all in my power and gift to be the good, faithful and dutiful wife this man undoubtedly deserves.

But I’m getting ahead of myself…. Who is Simon King?

Simon King is the tipster behind the selections of the Top Jumping Tips service. His publishers refer to him as the ‘King of Tipsters’. I myself have taken to referring to the man as simply ‘Top Gun’ – and, to put it bluntly, ladies and gentleman, this ‘Top Gun’ has quite literally taken my breath away….

I signed up for a trial of his tips after clicking a link on an unsolicited email from some guy I’d never heard of (my email addresses get around a little bit I’m afraid). Ordinarily that would represent an inauspicious start and I’d expected to be confronted with the usual stream of piffle and wind. But I was wrong.

The trail was odd in the way it was administered. But don’t let that put you off – because the results were nothing less than spectacular. At the outset the King team said ‘You will like this….’ And never were truer words spoken….

  • First off the King team sent me some ‘taster’ bets – just so I could get a feel for King and what he could deliver. Eleven bets produced 3 winners and a small profit of 2.25 points to advised prices. That said profits to SP amounted to 7 points – because on winning selection drifted in the betting after it had been advised. And betting with a bookie offering Best Odds Guaranteed saw me paid out at the bigger odds. Not a bad start.
  • The trial proper started on 24th September – with the stated intention of making me 25 points worth of profit. Well he pulled off that not insignificant feat in 3 days – with 3 winning singles from 5 advised bets. To advised stakes overall profits ran to exactly 25 points.
  • Then a second trial period was awarded with the same mission statement – to make me 25 points worth of profit. Maybe they didn’t think they’d done enough to convince first time round. This time it took a single day and just 4 bets – 3 winning singles and a winning treble. Profits ran to 108 points to advised stakes. 

Pretty damned good. There’s not much more to say. Of course, my trial covered just a few days. Whether or not that stellar performance can be maintained over the long term is anybody’s guess. But I’m not knocking it. As free trials go it ranks right up there with the best ever. As a tipster you can only do what you said you would do – and Simon King did it in spades. 

The only annoying part of the trial was the sheer number of emails attempting to sell me up into the paid service. It was a bit like running a gauntlet with multiple emails a day peddling the usual breathless nonsense – only 78 places left…. only 15 left…. only 3 left…. Simon has agreed to open another 200 places…. Only 136 left….only 56 left…. only 12 left…. and so on.

I have to admit that got on my nerves. 39 emails over 11 days seemed a bit like overkill to me. But credit where it’s due – when a service does as well as Simon King’s did over the course of just a few days, I guess the publishers are entitled to go a little overboard on the promotional side of things.

Like I say I have no idea how Mr. King will perform over the long term. And there are no results on the Top Jumping Tips site enabling you to check out how well or not he has done on the past. But one thing is for sure – Simon King’s iron is hot as lava right now. If you felt like striking then now would be the time.

The free trial is available right here right now. If you fancy hitting the ground running for the new jumps season you could do worse than give it a whirl. If you do then let me know how you found it.

In the meantime I’ll be heading down to the travel agents (I’ve got some winnings to hand) and looking into potential honeymoon destinations. Simon King, the ball is in your court….

On the Grapevine…. 

What we hear and what we see in the betting industry this week…. 

  • The jury is still out on the All By The Book service – last week PV reader DY went into bat for the method. This week another PV reader, MA, gives us the benefit of his experience – and it is hardly a ringing endorsement. ‘I also handed over £200 to try the All About The Book system. I guess it may work, but after betting £10,672 since start of July, I made £74.99! Not a great return on investments, especially considering the hour+ a day it takes to do. I have given up on this one now.’ We guess that’s the thing with tipping services and betting methods. They all have big ups and downs – and it kind of depends where you get on and get off that determines the quality of your ride.
  • Good news for you ‘arbers’ out there. A couple of readers (thank you KB and ID) have highlighted a new horse racing service that takes a fresh new approach to arbing. At least once a week I get asked about ‘trading’. Does it work...? How much can you make...? Does it get you closed down by the bookies...? How many hours a day do I need to put in...? My answers are always the same: Yes. Plenty. Sometimes. Lots. The trouble is, arbitrage betting really is a double edged sword. Yes, you can make a solid income on a weekly, sometimes daily basis. But it doesn’t come easy. You have to do the work. You haveto put the hours in. It’s a new service, I think (it was only brought to my attention recently) and I’ve been quietly impressed. It seems to offer the upside of trading – the ‘guaranteed’ profits, multiple betting opportunities daily, cashing in on bookmaker offers, etc. But without many of the downsides - the main one being the sheer volume of sometimes tedious work. It’s called Odds Catcher and I’ve taken advantage of a very appealing £1 month-long trial. I’ll by running the rule over OC over the next few weeks and will keep you informed...
  • Bookmakers might have money coming out of their ears – but you can’t buy class. Take Paddy Power, for example. Earlier this week the big bookie was in court in London because staff in its Tottenham shop left rubbish festering in the middle of the street and then ignored requests to clean it up. Councillor Stuart McNamara, Haringey Council’s cabinet member for environment, quipped: 'Once Paddy Power ignored our request to clean up this waste, it was odds-on that they were going to face strong action.' The courts handed down a £3000 fine. Unfortunately the ‘strong action’ referred to amounts to little more than an afternoon’s takings on a FOBT.
  • What is it with the traps in Coral shops? In 2012 one poor punter lay dead in the toilet of a Coral shop in Surrey for up to 5 days before being discovered. Now it transpires that firefighters with cutting equipment had to be called to Coral’s Dundee outlet last Saturday to free a punter trapped inside their convenience. Next time I go to a Coral shop I’m going to go prepared with a big pickle jar – just in case I get caught short. I’ve seen the state of some Coral toilets (some are that bad Travelodge establishments look salubrious in comparison) and the thought of spending a night in one turns my spine to jelly.
  • RIP Bet Butler – that didn’t last long did it? Launched in 2011 Bet Butler aimed to allow punters to access odds from a range of bookmakers through a single account. Earlier this year customers filed multiple complaints with the Gambling Commission (GC) regarding withdrawal issues and customer support. The GC revoked the company’s remote betting licence, ruling that it was incapable of carrying out its activities in a manner consistent with licensing objectives. Many customers report still being owned money. Third-party, Momaco, is apparently buying the company and will honour its debts. You can contact them here if you need to. We watch on with interest.

I’ll be back with the Verdict next week.

The Judge

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