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In this issue of Punters’ Verdict….

  • Some of these guys think you are dumb….
  • Do you believe in miracles?
  • Who’s that sobbing under the duvet?
  • Trust Mr Marshall – a housewife from Leeds….
Some of these guys think you are dumb….
As gamblers we kind of expect to encounter sharp operators from time to time. They’re part and parcel of the punting scene – like it or loathe it. 
None of us likes to be conned, cheated or misled.
None of us wants to be the dupe – the mug at the poker table.
None of us want to be cast as the fool – daft as a brush and easily parted from his scratch.
But, if and when that dark day comes, it’s a damn sight easier to swallow if the perpetrator has genuinely out-flanked, out-thought and out-maneuvered you.
In those circumstances you can take it on the chin – safe in the knowledge that you got caught out by someone who was a bit more switched on than you were on the day. You wipe your mouth, learn your lesson, put it behind you and move on.
What is much harder to take is when you get manage to get yourself tucked up by a shyster who doesn’t even do you the courtesy of PRETENDING he doesn’t think you’re as dumb as a cockers spaniel’s rear end.
If or when this happens then maybe you need to take a good, long, hard look at yourself. Maybe you’re asking for it?
Do you believe in Santa Claus?
You would have to believe in Santa Claus in order to get involved with a product called ‘Betting Miracle’.
According to Donald Blake – the ‘successful punter’ behind the product, it’s the ‘battlefield-tested system that consistently makes racing punters more than £10,000 every month - like CLOCKWORK!’
Okay, that sounds great when you read it out loud but in reality there’s three small problems with that statement:
1.    It doesn’t.
2.    It never has.
3.    It never will.
The only ‘miracle’ is that the punters who have bought the system haven’t scoured the face of the Earth, hunted Blake down like a dog and hung him from the nearest tree.
My guess is that those punters are too ashamed of themselves to own up to buying it. And, so they should be.
Who’s that sobbing under the duvet?
A little over 6 years ago Donald Blake was dead-broke. He’d just got laid off and he couldn’t even pay the rent. He wasn’t just broke. He was desperate.
Now, I don’t know Donald personally. I’d never heard of him until recently. So I’m not speaking from direct personal knowledge of the man. I’m just telling you what he tells anybody who cares to look on his website. You can check it out for yourself here.
Donald was desperate. Then on the night of February 5th, after crying himself to sleep (as you do), he suddenly woke up at two in the morning. He remembers it clearly. It was like something had ‘snapped’ in his mind.
Lying there in his tear-soaked bed sheets in the dead of night Donald realized he’d accidentally stumbled across the ‘missing ingredient’ that all punters are looking for... something he later called ‘Counter-Intuitive Traits (CIT)’.
Now don’t worry too much if you don’t know what a CIT is. Nor do I. And, in all likelihood, nor does Donald.
What you want to be paying attention to is the impact he says this ‘missing ingredient’ will have on your betting…
Results so good they’re unbelievable….
These cracked codes force betting bookmarkers to spit out cash like a broken ATM machine…
Before Don’s testing of his system was even completed his initial £100 bank had ‘exploded’ to £100,000. In 2006 alone, Don had 129 winning days in a row.
In 2007, Miracle had 483 winners altogether. You would have made over £156,000 in profits had you used Betting Miracle that year.
In 2008 it was 471 winners, earning Betting Miracle’s users a profit of £370 per winning bet on average. ‘Just by using Miracle that year you would have had a profit of £174,270 sitting in your bank account.
I think you’ll agree with me when I say that those results sound unbelievable.
And if you want to check them out for yourself… well, I’m afraid you’re out of luck. Don hasn’t provided an archive of historical results on his website. You just have to take his word for the ‘miracle’.
Trust Mr Dan Marshall – a housewife from Leeds…
Alternatively, you could put your faith in the testimony of one Mr Dan Marshall.
Speaking about Betting Miracle, the strapping Yorkshireman is quoted as saying: ‘I bagged £174 in just 2 days, with 5 winners and no loser yet. That's a nice and easy income for a housewife like me.’
Or trust Ellis James from Middlesbrough who says: ‘The results are just astonishing. It generated 625 pounds in the last week. Well, that's a lot of money, especially when you hardly work at all. I just want to thank you for creating this incredible betting system.’
Or Hasan R from Canada who trills:Thank you Donald for this amazing system. It brought my betting to an entire new level. 500 dollars a week is absolutely incredible. Especially when you hardly do anything.’
Or Robert Gennaro from Nottingham who gushes: ‘It's so fast and easy. On average, Miracle made me more than £300 each week for the first month I used it. That's over £1,200 in my pockets every month... without me hardly doing anything. Thanks Donald.’
Dan, Ellis, Hasan and Robert feel so similarly about the incredible rewards available without hardly doing anything at all that you might – if you were the suspicious type – suspect their testimonies had been cobbled together under the influence of alcohol or drugs by one hand.
More trusting souls – some might say the more gullible amongst us – might take this guff at face value and shell out £497 for a one year licence to use the betting miracle product – a price tag that Donald assures us is ‘very reasonable’.
The Judge’s Verdict….
Scammers, con artists, sharks, charlatans and bullshit merchants get a bad press when their ‘miracle’ products and services turn out to be worthless junk that don’t do what it says on the tin. And rightly so.
They prey on the naïve, the gullible, the desperate and the stupid. And they deserve all the brickbats and abuse that is thrown their way. No doubt. But sometimes – just sometimes – the dumbass punter has to get honest and ask the question: Am I so dumb I deserved to get fleeced?
I’ve picked an extreme example with which to make my point today. There are not many conmen as lazy, as transparent or such poor liars as Donald Blake. Take a look at his website yourself. It’s REAL, ladies and gentleman. It isn’t a spoof that I’ve set up. It’s not a joke.
It’s 100% REALand over the last few years plenty of punters out there have lapped up this nonsense, forked out the cash and got their fingers burnt. Unbelievable – shocking almost – but completely true.
The world is wall-to-wall with Donald Blakes. Get rid of one and another 10 pop up to take his place. Donald Blake isn’t your real problem. If you get suckered by a guy like Donald YOU are your problem.
To survive and prosper Donald Blake requires a steady stream of unthinking, unwitting morons. The way to get rid of him and others like him is to cut off that blood supply.
As punters it is our individual responsibility to make sure we are not the next moron keeping Blake alive.
I’ll be back to adjudicate on another issue next week.
‘The Judge’
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