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10th March 2016

Good afternoon, friends,

In this issue of Punters’ Verdict….

  • All good things must come to an end….
  • Where next for this Judge?
  • All mouth & trousers? Put the Judge to the test….
  • The vacant chair….

All good things must come to an end….

All good things must come to an end, ladies and gentlemen.

I have had the pleasure of serving as the Judge for Punters’ Verdict since way back in August 2010. But now the time has come for me to stand aside….

I’ll explain why I’ve chosen to take that step in just a moment. But first I want to make a confession and put something to bed.

The subject of my identity has excited quite a bit of debate over the years. And, to be fair, we’ve got some pretty good guessers amongst the readership.

I think over the years that a good dozen people have written to Oxfordshire Press asking if Nick Pullen is the Judge. And I know the same question has been posed a few times in a number of different betting forums.

Today I can confirm that I am indeed Nick Pullen. Guilty as charged. We can close the book on that particular issue now. The cat is out of the bag.

Of course, having now made that admission, I will have to spend a few months in hiding…. living like a fugitive…. keeping my head down….

Because, in some very specific circles, the old Judge is not well-liked or much-appreciated….

I know it’s difficult to take in. I know it’s hard to accept. But the Judge is not universally popular.

Shysters…. charlatans…. crooks…. conmen…. bookmakers…. None of them care much for the Judge.

Over the years I’ve handed out a fair few good-hidings to liars, thieves and blaggers of every possible persuasion. I make no apologies for it. That’s what Punters’ Verdict was set up to do – to expose and bring to book the parasites and predators that feed on the sports-betting punter…. and that is what it has done.

Who know what kinds of reprisals I can expect now that my identity has been released into the public domain?

Some disgruntled conman tipster might pay someone to attack me with a custard pie. I might get mercilessly trolled on betting forums. I might get another ill-spelt, grammatically incorrect threat of mindless violence sent to my email address….

It’s tough out there for a betting industry crusader. But now that I am moving on there’s a vacancy to be filled. The shysters aren’t going away. And there’s still a real need for a Judge to take the fight to them.

  • Could you be that new Judge? If you think you suit the role then the opportunity is there. More on that in a moment….

Where next for this Judge?

So how come I’m moving on?

The truth is that I need to free up time to concentrate on another project that’s very important to me.

There’s only so much time in any man’s week and policing the betting industry beat as the Judge takes more time than you might think….

It can take a couple of hours to wade through and unsubscribe from just a few days’ worth of spam and unsolicited emails….

Monitoring the performances of multiple tipsters, keeping an eye on the bookies, keeping abreast of betting industry developments…. It all takes time…. And time is a resource I don’t have much of these days – a direct result of my new project….

As part of the Punters Verdict coverage over the last few years I’ve outlined some of the components I believe a top-quality betting service should have….

Quality information; unique insight; full disclosure; an educational thread; betting selections that aren’t just obvious favorites; honesty; excellent customer service; genuine value-for-money; genuine benefits….

I’ve been pretty vocal about it. I’ve criticized services that don’t measure up to the standard. Now it’s time to put my money where my mouth is….

Against the Crowd is my new racing service and it represents my take on what a racing service should be and what it should consist of. We go out via email and online 5 days per week – Monday to Friday.

Monday to Thursday the emphasis is on insight, analysis and betting angles – for the flat and the jumps. Our mission is to bring you information and data you won’t find elsewhere….

At the weekend and during the big week-day Festivals we put our head above the parapet and target the biggest betting heats – handicap and conditions events – for the best value bets at the prices.

The emphasis is on opposing the crowd; on developing and adopting contrarian betting angles; and on identifying value bets – live contenders trading at prices which underestimate their true chances of winning.

Basically, it’s the Judge does racing. But under his real name – Nick Pullen.

All mouth & trousers? Put the Judge to the test….

You might be interested to see if what I produce in practice measures up to what I say about theory. And I’d urge you to put me to the test.

Take a look around the Against the Crowd website. There’s quite a bit of information on there that tells you what we’re all about. Check out my Contrarian Philosophy, for example. 

But to get a real feel for what my Against the Crowd service is all about you should sign up for our free trial. That way you get to see the information and selections on a day-by-day basis.

I think you’ll find we’re no ordinary run-of-the-mill tipping service.

What we are is an information service with big-race selections at value prices tagged on as an extra for the readers that want them….

After all punters want to see you stick your neck out and say it how you see it. And, as you know, I’ve never been afraid to do that.

  • If you sign-up for a FREE trial of Against the Crowd this afternoon, you’ll be onboard for my Cheltenham Festival coverage next week – I’ll be taking on favorites and targeting prices in all the big races across the entire 4 days.
  • You’ll also get instant on-line action to all my recent pre-Festival coverage – insights, information and angles you can use to find your own bets….

I hope you’ll give it a go. I hope you’ll give me a chance to show you in practice what I think a racing service should deliver….

Go Against the Crowd with the Judge for the 2016 Cheltenham Festival….

The vacant chair….

I very much hope you’ll give the old Judge a chance to show that he can practice what he has preached this last few years….

The Festival gets underway on Tuesday. So be sure to get onboard in good time….

This isn’t goodbye though. Not just yet…. I’ll be in your mailbox for a few weeks to come.

I can’t head off into the sunset before providing you with my annual Grand National bets – with which we’ve done pretty well over the last few years. I’ll be looking to go out on a winning note this time round….

For today I just wanted to highlight that I’ll be standing down from the role of the Judge this spring – and to let you know that there is now a vacancy that needs to be filled.

  • We need a new Judge – and there’s no better place to start looking than the Punters’ Verdict readership….

I know from working on Punters’ Verdict that we’ve got a wide range of qualified and smart punters onboard – quality people who really care about the kind of work we’ve been engaged in and who would like to pick up the baton and move things on.

That is my belief. But now it is up to you to prove me right.

If you think you are the man, or the lady, to replace the current Judge, then we would very much like to hear from you. In the first instance, register your interest by sending us an email. We’ll get back to you.

More to come from me shortly. Until then….

Take care.

The Judge

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