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Thursday, 7th July 2016

Good afternoon, friends,

In this issue of Punters’ Verdict….

  • No man is one thing….
  • Where it all began….
  • A fortuitous meeting….
  • The ‘Advertisement Effect’….
  • The next step….
  • Will it be Hola or Adios?

No man is one thing….

Back in 1865 when I was at University in Yorkshire (it really does feel like it was that long ago) I studied English Language and Literature.

If I were deciding on a University course today, I’m not sure I would make the same decision.

I would strongly consider taking a degree course in Theology or Horticulture – two subjects in which I have a deep interest….

But I think, in the end, I would probably opt for a degree in Economics.

The subject has always fascinated me. It started at secondary school where we studied the Stock Exchange as part of a Business Studies ‘O’ level. And, as I have grown older, my interest in such things has only extended and deepened.   

Given these eclectic tastes you might wonder how I ended up in the world of sports-betting – policing the betting beat. It’s a long story. But sports-betting is a fascinating area too – and lots of fun. I enjoy the cut and thrust….

My point is that no man is one-dimensional. No man is just one thing. No man is simply this or that. There is no one box in which any of us snugly fit.

There is more to all of us than might first meet the eye. At any one time we show a specific aspect of ourselves to the world – it is necessary and, to a large extent, unavoidable.

But there are always other aspects of ourselves lurking beneath the surface. When you take the top-skin off the onion, there’s always another layer right there underneath.

Where it all began….

When I graduated from University I got a job with a financial publisher in Hampshire. I was employed to edit a newsletter and a series of reports.

The emphasis was on producing ‘how-to’ practical information that helped readers improve their financial lives and improve results in key areas….

  • How to minimize your tax bill by moving elements of your life offshore….
  • The advantages of dual nationality and owning a second passport – and how to achieve that status and get your hands on that reserve travel document….
  • How to maximize the privacy surrounding your financial affairs in a Big Brother world of mass surveillance….
  • How to buy a car tax-free from Europe (something you could still do back in the mid-1990s)….
  • How to protect your assets from government, scam-artists and malicious litigants….
  • How to build portable income streams….
  • How to locate and profit from offshore investment opportunities….

It was really interesting work. It wasn’t exactly investigative journalism. But you had to dig for the facts and work hard to get to information that wasn’t easy to get hold of.

I loved doing the research – I found I was suited to that kind of work. And I loved writing-up what I’d discovered for an international audience dotted across the globe. I enjoyed delivering information and opportunities they had not previously been aware of.

A fortuitous meeting….

It was at that publishing house where I first met Dave Gibson.

At the time he was running a top financial publishing house in London.

That company was owned by a very successful American Corporation. And that American Corporation was now buying the small publishing house I was working for.

Dave was brought in to make sure the transition went smoothly – and to get our business working better.

We got on right from the start. And over the last 20-or so years – on and off – we’ve done an awful lot of work together.

Dave Gibson has published Punters Verdict since its conception back in 2010. And he publishers a whole range of sports-betting title under the Oxfordshire Press banner.

Like me Dave’s always had a very strong interest in the financial world. Like me he keeps a close eye on economic developments.

Like me he is concerned at what he sees. Like me he is disturbed at the way financial news is being reported.

The advertisement effect….

These are challenging times in financial terms. Make no mistake about it. And the man-on-the-street needs some truth and some hard facts if he is going to be positioned to make informed decisions and judgments in the months and years ahead.

The bottom-line is that Dave and I don’t believe the mainstream financial press meets that urgent need. We believe that big advertisers have way too much influence on what is reported – and how it is reported.

The needs of the big players are frequently put before the needs of the ordinary individual….

  • Puff pieces are published with no other aim than to massage the image of big industry players….
  • PR releases are simply published word-for-word and presented as ‘news’….
  • Advertisements masquerade as genuine ‘opportunities’….
  • Scare-mongering pieces are written in order to funnel public opinion in the ‘right’ direction….
  • Hopelessly optimistic editorials – often with scant or no foundation – are put together to underpin confidence in the financial system and keep the ball rolling – regardless of reality….

We see a lot of this. An awful lot. We call it the ‘Advertisement Effect’. And we believe it to be a deeply entrenched and dangerous trend in financial publishing – one that subverts factual reporting and retards the dissemination of truth. 

The ‘Advertisement Effect’ has largely succeeded in producing a culture of financial journalism that patently fails to serve the end-user – the reader.

It fails to question. It fails to dig deep. It fails to serve. It fails in getting to the truth. And my old friend Dave Gibson has had enough. He’s lacing up the old truth boots and he’s going out to bat….

The next step….

On Monday morning Dave will be writing the inaugural issue of an e-letter we call Money Truths.

Dave’s been working in the background on this project for some months now. And I’ve been on-the-job too – helping out in the boot-room.

I’ve gone back to my roots and I’ve been hard at work with the old journalistic spade – I’ve been digging deep and putting in the hard yards in the Money Truths research department.

And that’s where I’m going to be sticking around from this point forward.

I like the research team Dave’s assembled and I like what we’re going to be doing with the Money Truths project. More than that, I believe in and am fully committed to what Dave is going to be doing in the weeks, months and years ahead….

I’ve enjoyed my time here – but this will be the last ever issue of Punters Verdict. I’ve enjoyed my tenure as the Judge – and I hope you’ve enjoyed it too. But time is a limited resource. We have to put the little we have into the things that are most important.

There are challenges ahead that will affect all of us. But challenge doesn’t have to mean problem. Sometimes just knowing what is really going on enables us to prosper or protect ourselves ahead of time.

It’s the same story with opportunity. The smartest moves to make…. the most beneficial actions to take…. the profit potentials open to us…. only become apparent when we recognize and acknowledge what is really happening in the world around us.

Every Monday morning from this point forward that’s what Money Truths will deliver – information, insight and advice that will help you to see, to understand and to take advantage of what is really happening in the world of money in the UK and overseas.

It promises to be a fascinating journey. One I’m really looking forward to. And I very much hope you’ll consent to giving Money Truths the once-over.

Of course, I know that boring old money isn’t for everybody. I recognize that being in-the-know is unfashionable these days. And who the hell would be interested in insights, advice and opportunities that might have a significant impact on their personal wealth?

Now then Amigo, will it be Hola or Adios?

I think you’ll like Money Truths. It’s a bit different than any financial publication you’ll have seen before. And Dave Gibson is no ordinary financial commentator…. believe me….

And, if you’re prepared to take my word for it and give Money Truths a chance to shine, you don’t have to do anything. Just sit tight and it will be in your inbox first thing on Monday morning (it’s totally free and you can choose to unsubscribe any time you like going forward)….

But if the idea of money does for you what the average pin does for a balloon, no problem. All you need to do is to click on the ‘Unsubscribe’ link below. It won’t take a moment and we won’t bother you on Monday morning.

I’ll be sorry to see you go. I think you’ll be missing out. But it’s your call, friend.

This is the Judge signing off for the final time. It’s been a pleasure. Go well.

Please unsubscribe me, I don’t want to receive Money Truths

All the best,

The Judge

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